Where is the original building of Baranagar Math?

The building photo, which is shown in the "Uniqueness", crumbled to dust in 1897 as a result of a devastating earthquake. There is no trace of the original building. At the place of that building, slum dwellers built huts, shops etc. Now, the foremost task before us is to vacate the possession of the slum dwellers and shop keepers by giving financial assistance or providing alternative accommodation to a nearby suitable place. Then the land will be excavated to find out the exact location of the historical building. We have a programme to construct a replica of the "Old Baranagar Math Building" on the original spot.

What are the two pillars whose photo has been given as "mute witness to the History"? Are these pillars a part of that historical building?

The two pillars shown in "About Us" are not part of original historical building. These two pillars were main entrance gate pillars of the premises. They still stand as mute witness to the Historical spot where the organisation started. They have been repaired and renovated in 1993.

Why this historical building of Baranagar Math or FIRST MONASTERY of Ramakrishna order was called "a haunted house" before occupying it?

The Landlord of the Zamindar family of the village Taki of West Bengal, India, named Mr. Munshi had built this building. It was not in use for long time and as a result the ground floor was occupied by snakes, foxes and rats. It is said that human killings also occurred at this abandoned spot. People would not go near the house out of fear. Hence this abandoned house was later called as "haunted house". When Swami Vivekananda started The First Monastery in this house, it was in a dilapidated condition.

Adjacent to the Main Entrance Pillars, there is an old building at present. Is it a part of that original historical building?

No, it is not a part of the said historical building. It is a private property, came into existence much later.

Where is the place of ′Viraja Homa i.e. Sacrificial Fire was lit at the time of taking the Vows of Sannyasa by the ordained Sanyasins′.

Swami Vivekananda and His brother-disciples performed Viraja Havan and took the vows of Sanyasa at Baranagar Math premises. The exact spot of Viraja Havan was on the back side of the historical building. There was a Bilwa Tree under which the Havan was performed.

Is the Bilwa Tree still present on the spot?

No, that original tree got destroyed in course of time.

Why does Appeal show a big amount of Rs. 12.70 crore to build a replica of original Baranagar Math building which seems to be small two storied building in the photo?

It was a garden-house with an area of about one acre of land. At present the inhabitants of 18 buildings, slum dwellers and shop keepers occupy the major part of the holy spot. Huge amount is needed just to recover the whole area. It is required to offer financial assistance to more than 100 families (other than the inhabitants of the 18 buildings) and many shop keepers or provide alternative accommodation for them. Actual rebuilding cost of the replica building will be Rs. 1 crore (approx.) and Rs. 13 (approx.) crore will be required for providing financial assistance / alternative accommodation and other allied expenses.

In order to give a shape of the new Math Centre the essential needs are chalked out as under :

Progress of Work
Land purchased
to be restored
  For Restoration and
34 Cottahs
126 Cottahs
  For Establishment :
  Land procured
6 Cottahs
15 Cottahs

Donation of Rs. 3.0 Crore received and yet another Rs. 10.00 crore (appx) is needed. We appeal to all devotees, like-minded Individuals, Philanthropic Institutions, Trusts and Business Houses to contribute for this Noble Cause.

All donations are exempt from Income Tax under 80G of Income Tax Act. Donations however small or big will be thankfully received and acknowledged. Cheques/Drafts may be drawn in favour of "Ramakrishna Math, Baranagar" and sent to :

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