‘Happy birthday to you´, when our family and friends wish us with these sweet words on our birthday, how joyous we feel! We wish to celebrate the special day with all our family and friends. Everyone feels that his/her birthday and also those of his near ones should be designed as a memorable one. Will it not be memorable if your birthday is celebrated in a novel manner by sharing the joy with hundreds of poor children and elderly people?

In fact, on this auspicious day of our life, we are blessed with a long life. Who doesn't like to live longer? But Swami Vivekananda said: "They alone live, who live for others". So, you can also live for others by celebrating your/your dear one's birthday by participating in our Ashrama's daily free milk feeding programme. However, the birth/death anniversaries of your departed near and dear ones can also be observed in the similar manner by joining the programme.

Kindly visit our Ashrama in the auspicious morning of your/your dear one's birth/death anniversary, have a darshan of the Lord in the shrine, who has given you this beautiful human birth and then come down to the courtyard of the Ashrama to serve God's children.... 'Daridra Narayana' (God in Poor) with milk and bread! Have a look at the above photo! How beautiful is the idea to begin the memorable day with the worship of the Lord, the Lord who is none other than the poor and needy people!

We cordially invite you on that memorable day to distribute the milk as a small offering of worship to the Lord with your own hands! What you have to do is just to fill in the prescribed Form and send it to our address with a Cheques/Drafts for Rs. 3,000/- payable to “Ramakrishna Math, Baranagar”. We will purchase milk and bread for distribution among one hundred fifty (approx.) poor and needy children and old people on that special day.


So, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you and hope you won’t like to miss the opportunity of observing the memorable day of your life in a befitting manner!


Your kind donation may also be sent online by N.E.F.T./R.T.G.S. to our Savings Bank Account No. 50100196928813 with HDFC Bank, Cossipore Branch (IFS Code No. HDFC0004481).

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