Change of mindset and cleanliness drive launched by Baranagar Math

In its bid to carry on a sustained Health Awareness Campaign in the locality, Ramakrishna Math, Baranagar has girded up its loins to organize a series of awareness camps in the campus. The locals including the children made a beeline for such camps to listen to the advices of seasoned physicians who have spoken on different topics ranging from ‘Prevention of diseases is better than cure’, ‘Child health and nutritious food’, ‘Awareness of Diabetes’, ‘Better health for mother and child’ to ‘Awareness of problems of ENT’, ‘Awareness of Female diseases (from young to old age)’, ‘Awareness of eye diseases’, ‘Awareness of child health – some symptoms and remedies’, ‘Vaccination against polio and other child diseases’ etc. The interactive sessions conducted by specialist doctors evoked interest among the audience.

Realizing that Health Awareness Campaigns should not be confined to the seminar halls, we have focused our attention to discipline the local people including the slum dwellers by inculcating in them the efficacy of a clean environment which is precondition for disease-free good health. In fact, many a disease can be prevented making the environment clean. The roads and lanes skirting this monastery are always littered with garbage, leftover food and other filthy stuff, which offer a revolting feeling to the passersby and visitors alike. Our monks and general workers have taken a lot of pains to make sustained appeals to the locals to make it a habit to store the domestic refuse in a bucket and dispose of the same to the municipal worker who makes his presence felt every morning by the sound of whistles.

To make the people get into the new habit, we have distributed litter bins, brooms, soap, detergent, dettol etc. free of cost to the householders. However, signs of change are being noticed, although slowly. We await more improvement in this regard. We are also contemplating hanging illustrative hoardings and banners at strategic points beside the main pathway to impress on the people about the importance of a clean and green environment. Moreover, instructive leaflets on clean environment will also be distributed among the people.

At our school level, we have taken up the health issues as a priority. All the students of Gadadhar Sishu Vikas Prakalpa will be specially tutored on the effectiveness of good health and clean environment echoing the dictum: “Cleanliness is next to godliness“. This apart, regular Yoga session will start shortly for them under guidance of an experienced and trained Yoga instructor. Additionally, to boost their systematic mental development and widen mental horizon, we have arranged playing recreational as well as instructive DVDs in the classroom. This novel venture will give them relief from tedious study lessons and transport them to a dreamy world of imagination and fantasy.

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