What you see on the right is an old photo of the original house in which fourteen young disciples of Sri Ramakrishna (two more joined later) founded a new type of monastic brotherhood at Baranagar in Kolkata in 1886. It was this small brotherhood that later burgeoned into the world-wide Ramakrishna Math and its offshoot, the Ramakrishna Mission. All that now remain of the original house are the two pillars.

In the inexorable march of time, the property changed hands, the old monastery building crumbled to dust, and the whole place became a slum. But the legacy of Baranagar Math cannot be forgotten. The cradle of Ramakrishna Movement, which has been spearheading a spiritual renaissance and monastic revival in India for more than a hundred years, has to be restored as a monument for posterity.

With this end in view, the authorities of Ramakrishna Math, started a branch centre in a small building in the area in May 2001. Daily worship, spiritual discourses, non-formal school and coaching classes for slum children are being conducted now at this new centre. The main plan is to restore the original spiritual ambience of the first monastery at Baranagar Math and to provide a centre for conducting various service activities for the poor. The estimated cost of the whole project is given below:

Progress of Work
Land purchased
to be restored
  For Restoration and
34 Cottahs
126 Cottahs
  For Establishment : 
  Land procured
6 Cottahs
15 Cottahs

Donation of Rs. 3.00 Crore had been received and yet another Rs. 10.00 crore (approx.) is needed. We appeal to all devotees, like-minded Individuals, Philanthropic Institutions, Trusts and Business Houses to contribute for this Noble Cause.

All donations are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G of Income Tax Act. Donations however small or big, will be thankfully received and acknowledged. Cheques/Drafts may be drawn in favour of "Ramakrishna Math, Baranagar" and sent to :

Ramakrishna Math, Baranagar
125/1, Pramanick Ghat Road
Kolkata -700 036, West Bengal, India

The Place of Tapasya to be restored